Veggie Burgers: No Grill, Meat, or Bun Needed

It’s been over a week, but I finally found time since returning from my awesome Charleston vaca to experiment with a new dish.  However, first I want to show you all the delicious southern cooking I got to taste last weekend:

Shrimp and Grits (A Charleston specialty)


Then… Raw Oysters


and finally…. Raw Oyster Shooters


All of the food that I had there was amazing, but after 5 days of eating whatever, whenever, I was definitely ready to get back to my green smoothies and salads.

I had been eyeing a veggie burger recipe for a few weeks, so since I had some time this weekend, I decided to try it out.  And since it called for coconut aminos (which I did not have), I used making this recipe as the perfect excuse to venture to Mom’s Organic Market in Timonium yesterday.

… And that was the most excited I’ve ever been while grocery shopping in my entire life.

It was like God hand-picked every single food I had ever wanted and nicely set each one on a shiny shelf right in front of me. I probably could have spent upwards of 3 hours in there, scanning over every product and eventually buying 85% of them, but I decided to keep my cool and act casual while I selected my coconut yogurt, goji berries, almond cheese (it was gross guys, don’t get it), and infinite raw gluten-free granola bars. Unfortunately, I think I would need to be making six figures to afford going there on a consistent basis, but until then, I will milk my starving-student checking account for all its got.

OK, so back to my veggie burgers.  I was able to find coconut aminos, which is basically a soy sauce substitute, so tonight I decided to test out the “Gluten Free Almond Bean Veggie Burger Recipe” that I found on Pinterest. I know, it sounds a bit iffy at first, but my mom and I agreed that it was a delicious success.

You can find the whole recipe with exact amount of ingredients here, but I will condense the instructions for you below:

  • Throw onion, kale, basil, garlic, almonds, black beans into the food processor and blend
  • Stir this mixture along with zucchini, almond flour (or any kind of flour you want), salt, and pepper in a big bowl
  • Mix in chia seeds, water, and coconut aminos


  • Refrigerate mixture for 30 min
  • Form 8-12 patties on greased cookie sheets (I use smart balance cooking spray or coconut oil) and put in oven for about 30 min at 350 degrees, flipping them halfway through


I put my mom in charge of deciding what to pair the burgers with since I didn’t really want to use bread, so she chose the spread below.

ImageMixed greens with avocado, grated zucchini, a little shredded smoked cheddar cheese on top of the burger, and cherry tomatoes (The orange flowers are edible Nasturtiums from her garden, of course..)

Overall, this was a really easy recipe to make and since we had a bunch of leftover patties, I now have my lunch already made for me this week – perfection.


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