Oatmeal Advice From a Quaker

A few years ago, I decided it was about time to embrace my Quaker heritage and try to make some oatmeal.  I started out with the Quaker instant oatmeal, and now, after about 2 years of experimentation, I have perfected a few different delicious oatmeal recipes.  A plain bowl of oats looks pretty boring (and tastes pretty boring as well), so this blog post is going to expose you to just one of these recipes that I “cooked-up” myself.

Last year, I made the switch from instant oatmeal packets to the much more nutritious, steel-cut oats. Along with that change, came the elimination of the wonderful “Maple Brown Sugar” or “Banana Bread” flavorings that were added into the instant oatmeal.  I quickly realized that I needed to add a few ingredients to make it taste better and fill me up for longer… and this is what I created.


  • 1/2 cup of steel-cut oats (I found an organic microwaveable brand, since it’s faster than stove-top)
  • 1/2 scoop of raw vegan chocolate protein powder (if you don’t have protein powder I’ve also used a spoonful of peanut or almond butter)
  • 1/4 cup of walnuts
  • 1 spoonful of chia seeds
  • 1/2 of a banana (sometimes I use the banana, sometimes I don’t)
  • 3 sliced strawberries
  • Small handful of blueberries

I mix everything in after the oatmeal is already cooked and then enjoy. It took a little bit of time for me to get used to the oatmeal-protein powder taste, but now I love it. I know some people add in stevia for sweetness too, if you’re used to having a more sugary/sweet start to your day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to eat my morning oatmeal as much because I recently started making a green breakfast smoothie from a recipe that my nutritionist recommended. I will post that soon, too!


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