A Different Take on Tabouli

For dinner this evening, my mom and I decided to try a recipe from the “Raw Food” cookbook that I purchased from my nutritionist, also the author of the cookbook. We chose her Tabouli recipe, but decided to make a few changes due to of our own preferences.

Instead of using bulger wheat, we used a combination of lentils and brown rice that my mom cooked over the stove(we made the raw recipe…. not raw).  This also allowed us to make the recipe gluten-free.  We combined the rest of the ingredients in a separate bowl and gradually added the rice/lentil mix until the flavoring was just right.

In the separate bowl we added finely chopped parsley, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and avocado.  For seasoning, we used salt, pepper, coriander, mustard powder, and paprika.  We tried to stick to most of what the recipe called for, but it’s easy to play around with the ingredients and substitute different amounts or different vegetables/seasonings to get the right flavor or taste you would like.


We served the finished product on a bed of spinach and — Voilá! This was probably my favorite dish that I’ve made since the start of my semi-raw, mostly vegan diet. The only thing that really takes time is cooking the lentils and brown rice, other than that it was really fast to prepare! Now if only I had prepared one of the raw-vegan desserts from the cookbook to eat afterwards…


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