Fish Taco Friday!

For my second post, I decided to switch it up and post a dinner recipe that my mom and I made this evening.  I originally found this “tasty fish taco” recipe on Pinterest a few summers ago, but we have gradually put our own take on it, with a few of our favorites.


Our lovely spread consisted of baked tilapia just seasoned with salt and pepper, chopped lettuce and tomato, my mom’s homemade guacamole (which is to die for), my mom’s homemade cilantro pesto (also my fave), mini 100% corn tortillas, and then a black bean salad with red pepper and onion as a side dish.


This was my plate — one taco topped with guacamole and the other with pesto. Both were equally delicious and I was full enough after both that I probably didn’t even need the side dish… but obviously enjoyed it anyway.

Overall it was super simple to make – just placed the tilapia on a baking sheet in the oven and then prepared everything else while it was cooking. I would definitely recommend it for a simple and yummy summer dinner!


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